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Education Comittee Leader
Board Member

Joyce Lin is a sophomore at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Behavioral Economics. She has been learning finance since she’s 13 and has competed in Knowledge@Wharton High School’s investment competition (KWHS) for three seasons where she developed a love and interest in business and investment. During the 2018-2019 season, Joyce led her team Make Bank into the Region 3 Finals where they pitched their investment strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. Joyce also has a love for developmental psychology and education, which she has deepened through her time as a research assistant at Stanford University’s developmental psychology lab, SPARK Labs.



Event Committee Leader
Board Member

Jasper Wang is a junior at Brown University. He is an avid musician and has served as the principal clarinetist for the California Youth Sympathy Senior Orchestra for two years. He has also won many regional and international music competitions and had the honor to perform at Carnegie Hall twice. Jasper enjoyed his internships at Camarillo Lab, Stanford Bioengineering and Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research, where he served as a research assistant. Besides music and scientific research, business and finance are also Jasper’s passions. He was the Vice President of Paly FBLA and advanced to the States in his sophomore year for the event of Business Decision Making. He founded the Paly Financial Literacy Club to promote the financial basics in the Paly community. He has competed in knowledge@Wharton High School’s investment competition for three seasons and served as the team leader for two seasons, where his interest in investment sprouted. He participated in the 2019 Global Teen Investment Competition and ranked 4th globally.



Web Committee Leader
Board Member

Erik Feng is a first-year at UC Santa Barbara. He founded his middle school Chess Club and has won championships at Susan Polar Chess Competition and CalState Championship. As co-captain of Greene Middle School in TEAMS 2019, Erik led his team to #1 in State of California and #3 on Mathematics Competition nationally. He also founded the Programming Clubs and enjoys teaching classmates Python. He’s been learning about investing since 6th grade and led a team of 7 in KWHS Investment Competition this year. He joined TenX, a startup by high school students to apply Machine Learning and medical imaging to detect anal cancer with real images from a hospital. Erik loves music. He plays both violin and viola and has played viola in his high school's orchestra for four years. He also loves composing and publishing music on where musicians openly share their works.

Erik Photo
About Us: Meet the Team



Education Executive

Wendy Wang is a junior at Palo Alto High School. She first developed her passion for finance and investment by taking classes related to the financial market on Coursera. In 2019, She competed in knowledge@Wharton High School’s investment competition as the team leader. Wendy has volunteered at a local low-income middle school for over four years and found her passion for community service through this experience. She also volunteers at various organizations monthly and went to Nepal with a group of friends to help the local elementary school during the winter of 2019. Wendy serves on the Program and Education Committee in FIT.



Communications Executive

Daniel Pei is a junior at Henry M. Gunn High School. He is an aficionado in sports, played on the JV basketball team and competed as the varsity track & field. Daniel was elected as the Palo Alto City Youth Council member, connecting and engaging teens in the local community to government politics. Attended the 2019 COSMOS Program at UCI, Daniel worked with the medical and mathematical professors to research the effects of caffeine on embryonic angiogenesis developments to understand cell growth regulations. With a strong foundation in math, his interests grew in business and economics. During the 2018-2019 season, Daniel’s team Make Bank competed in KWHS annual investment competition and advanced to the Region 3 Finals where they pitched their investment strategy at the Wharton School of Business. Additionally, he participated in both state DECA and state FBLA. He founded the Gunn Financial Literacy Club to promote the financial basics in the Palo Alto community. A phrase to conclude him? A fun and handsome soul!



Event and Marketing Executive

Andrew (Andy) Wang is a junior at Palo Alto High School. With parents who were stock zealots, he was able to tip toe into the world of trading through their experiences. From therein, he delved deep into the business world, where he became the Secretary and Vice President of Paly DECA. He furthered his business venture during the summer of 2019 at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, where he founded a startup project. He was also a market research intern at Ethiopia Reads, a nonprofit organization, where he identified foreign potential investors based in Ethiopia and raised funds. Outside of the business and finance realm, Andy spends his time serving as a managing editor for The Campanile, a nationally recognized student-run publication at Paly. He has written numerous national and regional award winning pieces. In addition, he is also an amateur photographer who has had his work displayed in Carnegie Hall and the Parsons Schools of Design.



Event Officer

Andrew Kuo is a senior at Palo Alto High School. He is passionate about sports, speech and debate, and business. He has interned at Stanford Camarillo Labs, and has work experience as a summer camp counselor and a restaurant employee. He also volunteers intermittently at several organizations around Palo Alto, including Grassroots Ecology, FOWPAL, and ANCCS. Andrew developed an interest in investment and finances at an early age and has been learning more about the subject since, and hopes to continue his research and share his experiences with others. He is currently an event officer on the FIT team.



Event Officer

Victor is a senior at Henry M. Gunn High School and is a varsity thrower with interests in video editing. He had placed 2nd in discus and 2nd in shot at the SCVAL meet. Victor started his adventure into the finance world when he created his stock account in 2018 and has learned a lot from his friends and family about the stock market. He volunteered in China to teach kids english as well as coding and has many skills to deal with kids. He recently joined the FIT advisory board and is part of the curriculum team. Where he makes activities for the classes and competitions for the clubs. He is also part of the Gunn Financial Literacy club and is a marketing leader. He is very fun and outgoing.



Recruitment Officer

Mateo Xia is a senior at Gunn high school, and a varsity distance runner and swimmer with interests ranging from freediving to backpacking to FPV aircraft. Mateo works as an ACT exam tutor and science tutor, and has served as an instructor at the Wave Learning Festival for his course on drug development, where he delved into the intricacies of the threshold between pharmaceutical clinical testing and real world performance as outlined by the FDA. Ever since he joined FIT in 2020, he has served as an English to Spanish translator on instruction materials, co-taught in the FIT Middle School summer program, created instruction materials, and has served as a club founder recruitment officer. When he’s not busy studying, you can catch him on the trails!

About Us: Meet the Team
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